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The historic  Campo dei Fiori cheese slices come in four different variations: Classic, Light, Organic and Lactose-free. 


Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano and Swiss Emmental: Saporfette reinterprets some of the great PDO cheeses of the Italian gastronomy tradition. 


Four slices of mozzarella packaged one by one: Campo dei Fiori simplifies life in the kitchen for all lovers of the most classic and most sold stretched-curd cheese. 

Ched'Up Burger

Ched’Up Burger is the slice with all the flavour and characteristics of classic Cheddar cheese. The crowning glory of cheeseburgers. 


Campo dei Fiori Formaggini spreads come in both classic triangles and rectangular portions. Just like the cheese slices, they’re also available in lots of different versions, including classic Italian PDO cheeses (Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano), as well as Cheddar, for a more international twist. 


The mouth-watering Pizzabella, stretched-curd cheese comes in a practical log shape, perfect for preparing pizzas and other recipes. 

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