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All the taste and freshness of Blood Orange Fior di Succo juice for Singapore Airlines passengers Campo dei Fiori’s juice enriches the drink cart on the Asian airline’s flights from and to Milan Malpensa

An excellent flight experience is the result of many particulars: Singapore Airlines passengers know this well. Highly comfortable seats, the kindness and smile of hostesses and stewards always at your disposal, a meal and refreshment service managed to the last detail: everything contributes to making each flight unique.

With this in mind, the Blood Orange Fior di Succo juice by Campo dei Fiori is included on the refreshment cart, in order to offer passengers flying between Italy and the Asian continent a perfect drink to quench their thirst during the long trip.

On flights from and to Milan Malpensa, Campo dei Fiori’s Blood Orange Fior di Succo juice is available for breakfast as well as for a fresh intermezzo during the flight, with all the flavour and bright colour of a unique citrus.

Obtained through a squeezing and packaging process that leaves the properties of the fruit intact, Fior di Succo Juice is totally natural and produced without the use of concentrates: a healthy and tasty way to drink, even “at high altitude".

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