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About us Loving what we do for 70 years

Campo dei Fiori is an outstanding Italian production reality. The company originally started out producing butter but now also produces single-portion cheeses and freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Established in 1947, the company’s production factory and headquarters are based in Daverio (VA), Italy. With a workforce of approximately 140 people, Campo dei Fiori has always been and continues to be committed to its territory, constantly investing in the development of the company’s production lines and products.

Whatever the end-product, Campo dei Fiori’s development and production philosophy is always the same and is inspired by three core values: Professionalism, Simplicity and Pragmatism. These principles translate into maximum care in the selection of the raw materials and the development of the production processes, to bring the excellence of Italian manufacturing and genuine flavours to the national and international market.

Campo dei Fiori’s technical ability and proven production and commercial skills have enabled the company to become partners of numerous industrial and distribution realities, developing private label products. This has enabled the company to grow on the international market, with 8% of our turnover now generated overseas. In fact, the company exports its products to various European and extra-European countries, including Canada, China, Japan and the USA.

Certification Certified goodness

Campo dei Fiori has obtained numerous certificates, including organic production certification. The attainment and constant renewal of these numerous certificates is further proof of the company’s commitment to manufacturing excellence and all of our products are produced and packaged directly in Italy, at the Daverio factory.

The company carefully sources and selects only the very best materials. Every year, all the ingredients constantly undergo thousands of strict quality tests in internal and external laboratories, to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of our products.

Factory production is currently divided into three specific product areas: butter, processed cheese and freshly squeezed fruit juice, using cutting-edge technologies that are at the forefront of the sector.

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